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 .... a testament of unbelievable talent and artistic craftsmanship
..... but it's not just about technical skills that are endearing and impressive. His style of playing is ambiguous, flexible, and extremely clean and inspired .... he perfectly operates the sounds of the guitar
..... Everything here is in place, no need to include or add to .... If anyone loves the music or classical guitar, certainly you will discover the charm of this album
- Marcin Kozicki -

a premium grade offering ..... an assured and stylish guitarist ...... there are no reservations ... Suite for Guitar changes all that ...
and could I retrospectively make this album my pick of 2012?"
- Paul Fowles - Classical Guitar Magazine

… die Seele der Färöer-Inseln …
… außerordentlich überzeugender Diplomat für die Musik seiner Heimat …
- Dr. Peter Paffgen - Gitarre und Laute

 .... a bold, noteworthy release, and is
highly recommended for enlightened listeners of contemporary classical music

 ..... a wealth of diversity and flexibility in his style.
From soothing and simplistic textures to extended techniques and alternative soundscapes he pulls out some nice Breamian orchestration and character ...I love the album for Jakobsen’s clean and inspired playing but also for its conceptual integrity.
 - Bradford Werner - This is Classical Guitar